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Journal Of A King

Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.) but alone, your potential is limited by what you're willing to subject yourself to. No pain no gain, but more often than not we operate within our comfort zone and your results suffer because of it. That’s why I’m here, to kick you out that comfort zone and boost your physique to the next level!

The Rules for Redefining Your Physique



#1 Be under the influence of caffeine most of the day(dose up every 3 hours) or at least after a resistance training workout/during a cardio workout (at least 100mg of caffeine)

#2 Make sure each meal is fat free (or low fat(less than 5g of fat)) protein and "complex carb" (fiber) rich

#3 Avoid "simple carbs" (sugars) after 5pm

#4 Incorporate full body routines

#5 Fulfill the 20 monthly workouts requirement

#6 Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day
#7 Take multivitamins to make sure your body has everything it needs to burn fat and give you the drastic cosmetic results you're looking for.
#8 Eat at least 5 small meals a day (intake at least 400 calories every 3 hours)

#9 Get 8 hours of sleep every night (building muscle in areas you'd like to stand out more, will cause you to burn more calories resting) Sleep is your best fat burning weapon, use it to your advantage!

(The term "carbs" stands for carbohydrates which are your body's preferred energy source; but the key to burning/not gaining fat, is consuming the right carbs in moderation...)

*Simple Carbs: Sugars: fruits, sodas, candy, etc.
*Complex Carbs: Fiber: Breads, pastas, rice, beans, vegetables, etc.
*Low Fat Meats: Chicken breast, ground turkey, fish (higher in fat, good fat), beef (higher in fat, not as high as pork)


Journal Entry #1: Things You Should Know


Minimum Monthly Workout Requirements:
20 workouts  (5 workouts a week, 3 days of resistance training, 2 days of cardio)
Rest Period Time-Cap: Never take more than 2 days off.
*After 48 hours of inactivity you will start to lose the muscle/progress you've gained*

Tips (to build more muscle/burn more fat):
Full Body Workouts
Soluble Fiber (Google it!)
Functional Exercise
Exercise Intensity
Hormone Control
Post Exercise Etiquette


How to change your body and Lifestyle:
Step One Understand your Mortality
Step Two Understanding Your Body Type
Step Three Understanding Nutrition
Step Four Understanding The Science
Step Five Understanding The Body Changing Requirements and The Consequences of Missing Workouts



*Incorporating every muscle group into your routine is the best way to achieve an expeditious full body transformation. The question is how do you do that in 60-90 minutes?? Answer: Functional Resistance Training Routine using Single and Multi-Joint exercises. (Schedule a free consultation to find out more)

*Caffeine has a chemical effect on your brain proven to trick it into burning more body fat than it normally would, by altering the energy supply utilized.

*Insoluble Fiber is the fiber that can’t be digested by your body and is expelled through your bowels. Soluble Fiber IS digestible, and is absorbed by blocking out the fat in your diet (to sum it up, if ingested simultaneously, your body digests the Soluble Fiber instead of the fat in your diet, effectively decreasing your visceral fat levels cosmetically and internally). I recommend at least 10g of Soluble Fiber per day to help you specifically target your stomach fat, and support your overall goal.

*Functional Exercises are those that do not require a machine. More specifically they are exercises, during which, every muscle has to function in order to complete your body's task (Push Ups, Squats, and most other Standing/Ground exercises)

*75-90% of people who exercise regularly, don't reach the level of intensity necessary to challenge the body, enough to  bring you the continuously consistent results you really want to see. We tend to operate in our comfort zone unwilling to tolerate the pain. That's where I come in. Training with me will increase your tolerance for pain to surpass your current threshold, this will bring you amazing and consistent results

*Knowing how these hormones operate will help you immensely:

Glucagon: Regulates body fat usage.
Insulin: Regulates sugar storage and depletion.

Knowing the things you eat will create one or both of these hormones is the best way to track the energy system being used. Sugars (breads pastas etc.; candy soda juice etc.) create Insulin. Protein (meat, nuts, legumes, certain vegetables) creates Glucagon. If you want to lose fat you need to eat a low fat, low simple carb diet, to produce more Glucagon and less insulin.

*Exercise rips up your muscle tissue; protein heals and rebuilds the torn muscle fibers. A post exercise intake, of 15-30 grams of protein is recommended, to get the best results and minimize soreness. The first 60 minutes after your exercise routine is the best time drink your protein shake or eat your post workout meal (or both depending on your goals). It is essential that you take advantage of the boosted metabolism and accelerated heart rate achieved by your exercise routine.
Following the 60 minute rule will save you loads of aches and pains because your body can get protein, rapidly, shipped to areas of the body it's most needed. Your body desperately tries to replace the calories you burned that belong in your muscles, so you get a little more dietary freedom post workout. Enjoy  :)



The Keys To Change… *Step One Understanding Your Mortality:

Your Maximum Heart Rate starts at 220 bpm (beats per minute) Every year after being born, that number drops by 1 bpm. So, to calculate your current MHR (maximum heart rate) you'd subtract your age from 220. For example, I'm 25 so my MHR should be around 195 bpm. Having a lower MHR year after year is indication of your mortality. Your MHR is being lowered because your heart is a machine beating 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Your heart and body are strong but age is making them weaker, and one day your heart will be too weak to continue to beat. We are all on a timeline, with so much to do. Time,time,time.. Time is your best friend and your worst enemy; you have a lifetime before your heart and body get too weak to keep functioning.

During this lifetime you're going to spend a lot of time working, a lot of time sitting, a lot of time sleeping, a lot of time driving, a lot of time eating and as the hours come and go it’s all about what you get done with the time you have. But at the end of the day, though they may be rewarding, the time expenditures I mentioned previously, won’t keep your heart and body strong as you age.

According to the USDA: Most Active Americans (75-90%) do not meet the minimum amount of physical activity necessary to achieve health benefits; which is 60-90 minutes of moderate-high intensity exercise 3-5 days a week, and 40% of Americans are not active at all...

Among the people who begin a fitness program 40-60% drop out within the first 3 to 6 months without the assistance of a trained professional, and 80% of people who lose weight during their fitness program, gain back 10% of their initial weight loss, or more, within 5 years (without the assistance of a trained professional)

My high intensity workouts, are designed to strengthen your heart to lower your RHR (resting heart rate). Your RHR will be lowered because as your muscles get stronger and start to grow so will your heart, this means it will be able to expand to greater extent; to fill up with more blood and pump more blood at one time, so it doesn’t have to beat as much, and won’t wear out as fast.

If your entire workout isn't intense you're not helping your body to your best ability and as a result as the years tailor down you will begin to wish you took you health and fitness more seriously.
Your car has a lifetime, so you invest time and money in it because it'll lasts longer and looks good doing it! The same theory applies to your body (your priceless most valuable possession).
You're young now, if you start investing in your health and your future, through personal training and good healthy food, how do you think it will affect you years down the line?? If that's your desired outcome then don't waste another second, let’s get started!


*Step Two Understanding Your Body Type
*Step Three Understanding Nutrition
*Step Four Understanding The Science
*Step Five Understanding The Body Changing Requirements and The Consequences of Missing Workouts
Coming soon...

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